Learning from the Past: Suffragist Campaign Methods

The first part of the Game Changers project was for the young people to recreate the past through learning about the suffragist campaign methods and making the materials.

The suffragist’s aim was to campaign for political change using entirely legal methods. As can be seen in the ‘North of England Society for Women’s Suffrage’ Manifesto front page, one of the key methods used to achieve this aim was through using what they termed, ‘orderly propaganda’. This ‘orderly propaganda’ alongside peaceful demonstrations and events would persuade the electorate to pressure Members of Parliament to grant equal suffrage.

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Working Together

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International Women's Day Exhibition

The Game Changers recreation of the suffragist campaign materials were then displayed in each group’s local museum or art gallery in their respective borough for International Women’s Day. That culminated in 10 pop up exhibitions hosted by the young people themselves alongside arts and crafts activities that the general public could partake in. The exhibition reached hundreds of audience members, all with positive feedback and high praise for the work the young people had created and how well they had demonstrated leadership skills.